What we stand for

We believe that great relationships are a journey. A series of moments.

And that the more moments you share together, the closer and happier you become.

Great date nights aren’t about going to one place and then going home. They’re a curated series of moments that keep the energy high and conversation flowing.

The problem, of course, is that life is hectic. Work is busy. The reality is that few of us have the time or patience to plan things to do together all the time.

So this is our purpose – to help you prioritise your relationship and the time you spend together.

What we strive for

Our vision is to be the companion service in your life that…

  • Helps you stick to having regular time together;
  • Ensures you’re always experiencing new things, including ticking off items from your bucket list;
  • Takes care of all the planning & organising;

All according to your own unique preferences.

What we do

Casey starts by understanding you and your partner – your interests and constraints – and then sends you timely, personalised date night recommendations straight to your WhatsApp.

What’s more, if you like a recommendation, have it organised on your behalf in a few taps.

Everything has been carefully thought through – the venues, the timings, the story, the adventure…

All you have to do is turn up.

Our experts

All of our plans are designed by external experts and tested thoroughly by us before ever being recommended to you.

We have strict criteria and only work with people that are recognised experts in their own field, whether they be chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists, wine experts, writers/authors, artistic directors… The list goes on.

If you consider yourself to be a relevant expert and would like to find out more and apply, do get in touch!

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  • Receive timely & tailored date night plan recommendations.
  • Get 25% off your first booking (concierge) fee.
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Do we deliver on our promise?

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